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We provide arborist reports for all levels of contracts. Many tree removal permits, construction and development permits require an ISA Certified Arborists and Tree Risk Assessors (TRAQ) professional opinion in the form of a report. Whether it is a standard level 2 tree risk assessment, a level 1 tree inventory of multiple trees or a level 3 assessment such as an aerial inspection or increment boring we have all your assessment needs covered.

Arborist Reports in Township of Langley
Tree Management Plans in Surrey

We offer tree inventories and tree management plans. Most cities and municipality's require a tree inventory for a development site plan to be approved, we are very experienced in this field and are able to provide a site assessment and report to follow that entails all the necessary city requirements. If you are owner or part owner of a large piece of property with many trees on the property. Having a Tree Management Plan for your trees on the property is an essential method for dealing with your green space assets over the course of the years to come. Having a report with recommendations to retain and monitor, remove or prune by a certified arborist every five years will simplify your tree management time. Tree Replacement Plans are essential for developed land as the city or municipality requires replacement trees to be planted. There is normally an approved list of species of trees the city wants to be planted along with a year or two check up to make sure the tree has established itself and is healthy.

Arborist monitoring/supervision during demolition and excavation along with a report detailing the work done and that it was done within the bylaw is a requirement by most cities and municipalities. With regards to construction and excavation, adhering to the limits of the tree protection fencing and restricting root harm when working close to boundaries is critical to the future wellbeing of the tree. At times when root frameworks are harmed outside of the fencing, root pruning is needed to guarantee the appropriate compartmentalization of the injury happens. We can offer this assistance also.

Arborist Supervision in White Rock
Tree Protection Fencing in Delta

We offer tree protection barriers/fencing that are built to city requirements so they can pass inspection. Tree protection barriers/fencing are needed prior to any construction or excavation. Without city approved fencing in place a construction site can be shut down by the city with a stop work order. This can create unneeded red tape and possible fines that will only cost the company time and money. The easiest way to prevent this from happening is to have a ISA Certified Arborist to construct, install and maintain the tree protection fencing, this will make it easy for the city officials to approve the fencing and allow for the construction project to move ahead with unnecessary time and money setbacks. 

If you are having problems with roots that are lifting or damaging your driveway, pathway or foundation we offer a service to remedy this. We are able to remedy these problems while using the industry standard set out by the International Society of Arboriculture. By making sure the root systems compartmentalize properly we give the tree its best chance on recovering from the pruning while we remove the threat of the root system continuing to damage your property. By doing this we ensure that the tree remains healthy and the roots stop damaging your property. By having an ISA Certified Arborist do the work instead of an unqualified individual we can protect both the soft scape and hardscape. 

Root Pruning in Surrey
Root barriers in Vancouver

Once the root systems have to pruning and that section of root has been removed we need to make sure the roots stop growing in that direction and start damaging the property again. This may take years to happen again but it still a likely outcome. By installing a  root barrier in-place of where a section of roots where removed we are able to train the roots to grow away from the property and to establish them selves in a new location. The root barriers that we use are the industry leader in barriers and are specially designed to train income roots away from the barrier. This will prevent the new growth in the structural roots from growing into the same area they were before when they were damaging the property. 

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