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Tree Root Pruning/Removal

Do you have a tree root problem that is damaging your property such as lifting your driveway, lifting or cracking walkways or cracking your foundation?


The only way to deal with this problem aside from removing the problematic trees who's roots are responsible is to prune and remove a section of the roots and train them to grow away from your property.


Most lateral root systems grow within the top six to twelve inches of soil. The problematic roots are the structural  and larger lateral roots, not the fine root hairs that feed the tree with nutrients.


It is important that whoever is doing the root pruning is an ISA Certified Arborist and knows the International Society of Arboriculture's Best Management Practices. In order to make sure that the tree remains healthy and can recover from the pruning and removal of specific sections of the root system.


If the roots system is not pruned properly they can have problems compartmentalizing, which will result in the roots allowing vectors of decay to enter the root system and could lead to the decay of a section of roots, which is very detrimental to the overall health of the tree.

Replacing a concrete driveway or walkway doesn't solve the problem, as the roots will continue to grow in search of water.


As the roots grow they pulsate, pumping water into the tree, this can cause concrete and asphalt to crack and split apart.


By pruning the roots and removing a thin section of root it gives us the option to dig a trench with a trencher in that section, after the trench has been dug we place a root barrier in between. This prevents the old roots from continuing to damage the driveway or pathway and trains the new roots to grow away from the driveway or pathway.

We make sure that all of our root pruning/removal jobs are done to the ISA's BMP's giving the tree its best chance at recovering.

Browning Arborist Consulting provides tree root pruning to the lower mainland, our service locations include:


  • Township of Langley and City of Langley

  • City of Surrey

  • City of Abbotsford

  • City of Maple Ridge

  • City of Delta

  • City of Vancouver

  • District of North Vancouver

  • City of White Rock

  • City of Maple Ridge

  • City of Coquitlam

  • City of Port Coquitlam

  • City of Burnaby

  • District of West Vancouver

  • City of New Westminister

  • City of Port Moody

  • City of Richmond

  • City of Chilliwack

Root Pruning in Township of Langley


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