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Browning Arborist Consulting Services


Browning Arborist Consulting provides arborist consulting services to the Greater Vancouver Regional District. We offer a full line of services for both residential and commercial needs.


Our residential services such as tree risk assessments and accompanying arborist reports are great for homeowners that are looking to get a tree removal permit from the city. Along with those who are concerned about the safety of their tree and want a professional opinion on it.

Our commercial services are aimed at being full service for developers, beginning with an existing tree inventory and assessment. Bespoke arborist reports for developers are written that comply with local tree protection bylaws and follow ISA Best Management Practices.


Using ARCGIS we are able to map the project property out with all existing trees on and off site. We then use the local cities tree protection zones to map out the necessary tree protection barrier lines before construction can begin.


When it gets to the building stage of the development we can help with providing custom made tree protection fencing that will pass city inspection. This removes another headache from the development process.


Most cities and municipalities require replacement trees to be planted once a building project has completed and the landscaping stage is commencing. We can help with choosing on what species of tree to plant and planning on where to place said trees on the new development.

We provide arborist monitoring or supervision with an accompanying comfort letter for demolition at the demolition stage of the building process. 

We also offer tree root pruning/removal and tree root barriers for both residential and commercial clients. Whether you are a homeowner or strata that has a problem with walkways and driveways that are lifting due to tree roots we offer tree root pruning/removal and tree root barriers to remedy these problems.


After the roots have been pruned and removed we place a special root barrier that is designed to redirect roots away from the barrier. By doing this it prevents the roots from causing future problems.


Our Arborists all hold the credentials of an ISA Certified Arborist and a ISA TRAQ Certified Tree Risk Assessor. All of our services are done to the ISA's best management practices and city bylaw requirements.

We take pride in providing high quality work for our clients and making sure all their needs are met. 


Call or Email Us for a Complimentary & No Obligation Quote

The more info you provide us the better we can help you. 
Fill the entire form out or send us a email with all of the below information.
Provide us your name, contact info, site address, tree location and site plan and/or survey if possible.
If you have a site plan and/or survey please send it via our email address above.

Once we have received all the needed information you will receive a quote and a time of job completion.
Thank you for your time.
#560-800 15355 24 Ave , Surrey, BC V4A 2H9

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